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The Award-Winning BandaBib is a bandana style baby bib. Often confused for an article of clothing, the BandaBib is super stylish and functional. 100% Cotton designer print · hi-dry cotton flannel backing ·  velcro closure. Price: S$12.90







Sweet Pea Bandabib  Cherries Bandabib  Dottie Bandabib  Preppy Girl Bandabib  Shimmering Blossom Bandabib    

    Sweet Pea             Cherries               Dottie              Preppy Girl      Shimmering Blossom   

Pink Butterfly BandaBib  Modern Flower BandaBib  Black Spot Bandabib  Urban Camo Bandabib  Preppy Boy Bandabib 

    Pink Butterfly      Modern Flower         Black Spot           Urban Camo          Preppy Boy    

Nautical Bandabib  Cow BandaBib  Multicolor Dot BandaBib  Denim BandaBib

    Nautical               Cow Print          Multicolour Dot            Denim


Big Bibs put a twist on tradition with their squared edges and ultimate coverage. Our Big Bib is perfect for your little eater! Coverage area is 8"L x 10"W. 100% Cotton designer print, backed with a plush cotton chenille. Price: S$15.90


Chop Stix Big Bib  Nautical Big Bib  Urban Camo Big Bib  Dottie Big Bib  Black Spot Big Bib  Pink Butterfly BandaBib 

   Chop Sticks            Nautical            Urban Camo             Dottie            Black Spot     Pink Butterfly BigBib available


Burpers are big & beautiful and extremely absorbent…’ll want one with you everywhere (stroller, car, your lap, your babies lap, etc.). 100% Cotton designer print, backed with a plush cotton chenille.  Size:  7”x16”. Price: S$10.90


Sweet Pea Burpers  Black Spot Burpers  Nautical Burpers     New Arrivals Burp Cloths - Retro Cowboy

    Sweet Pea            Black Spot              Nautical  


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