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    About Playnests

From an early age, babies enjoy being propped up to see what is going on around them. A playnest offers plenty of support for your newborn. Being propped in a playnest will also make your reflux baby more comfortable. No more hard knocks when learning to sit.


The unique design of Wiggy Winks Playnests incorporates a waterproof backing, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. As it is lightweight and durable it is easily portable. 

All playnests feature 100% cotton tops, 100% polyester fill and rugged, waterproof polypropylene backing (compliant with Australian Standard AS1647.3). Sized at approximately 0.66m x 0.66m. Washable and quick drying.


Ollie's Underwater Kingdom Playnest            Round & Round the Garden Playnest
Code: WW2001                                             Code: WW2002
Ollie's Underwater Kingdom Playnest         Round & Round the Garden Playnest

Selling price: S$39.00





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