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Cozy&Zmooz have no pre-shaped facial expression. Whether a baby smiles, sings or cries, Cozy&Zmooz are always their best friend. Toddlers and preschoolers will find it hard to say goodbye to their Cozy&Zmooz toy. All soft toys in Keptin Jr’s Cozy&Zmooz collection are made of pure cotton which gives them a soft feel. They are filled with sheep’s wool, which easily matches the baby’s body-temperature.

            Pastel                Colours

18.71.3 Rattle Cozy Blue

  18.30.6 Rattle Zmooz Pink


Toddels were born out of children’s drawings. Their shape is simple and they all have long ears or a long tail.  Children love chewing on or playing with these long tails and ears. Toddels are like humans, they like to play. Their soft cotton and warm sheep’s wool makes them a great companion for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

           Classic                  Pastel                   Stripes

48.34.1 Comforter Rabby Red  48.01.1 Rattle Girly Pink   48.11.3 Rattle Boyo Blue



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