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Portable Baby Chair Harness



Secure your baby, quickly and safely with this new and easy to use harness. The revolutionary Australian design makes Baboz™ simple to use. 

Baboz™ comes in both a luxurious denim or a durable polyester/cotton mix fabric and are fully machine washable.

Available in a deluxe denim (gold embroidery), navy blue or a hot pink. Each set comes complete with their own embroidered Baboz™ trademark logo.


Baboz™ is a convenient way to seat your baby when travelling, in restaurants or simply visiting friends. Often restaurants do not have any (or insufficient) suitable seating facilities for small children, as such we were previously prevented from eating out. This product is ideal for seating your baby safely in any chair.

Each Baboz™ comes with its own matching embroidered draw-string bag and folds away to fit in any handbag or pocket. The convenience of packing a Baboz™ into our pocket wherever we go - enables us to leave the house with our children at the drop of a hat. Whether we are visiting friends, going to a cafe, or even attending a barbeque.

baby seat toddler chair restraint toddler chair restraint

Fitting Instructions

This traveling highchair harness can be used anywhere and takes only minutes to set up.

* Simply place the harness hood over the back of any chair (firstly check that the chair is stable), and tighten the cord to secure.

* Fasten the built-in straps both under your baby's arms and over its shoulders, in a bow at the back of the harness (using the belt straps) - enabling you to remain hands free in the assurance that your baby is safely and comfortably seated.

Industry Approved

Approved by The National Health and Safety Council (Australia), Baboz™ is suitable for children aged 6 months to 30 months.

"NHSC Accreditation was awarded as a properly fitted Baboz™ portable chair harness can assist in reducing the risk of falls when infants are temporarily seated on standard kitchen/dining chairs - at restaurants and cafes, picnics and BBQ's, etc. (i.e. where high chairs or other permanent restraints may not be available). This is relevant as the most common cause of child falls from chairs is related to the child being unrestrained or improperly restrained. As always, parents must ensure that fitting instructions printed on the label are followed thoroughly, including use of the harness only under constant supervision of a competent adult, " says NHSC Accreditation Director, Dr Jamie Shepherd.


    Baboz™ Handy Baby Chair Harness - Polyester/cotton 

    Code: SCM100 - NAVY BLUE          
    Price: S$24.90

    Code: SCM102 - HOT PINK
    Price: S$24.90

To order, please email to

What People Say About Baboz.....

I used my Baboz chair harness for the first time yesterday and my baby boy looked so gorgeous in it, had to send you a photo.

           Regards, Melinda Benecke


We love the Baboz and used it twice over the first weekend we received it - at each Nanna's house, and it works great!!! Eddie is very comfy in it, he is SAFE and eats easily.

                Thank you, Barbara B Goldman-Sherman - New York, USA


Thank you very much I received my new Baboz seat this morning. I think your product is fantastic and my daughter loves it already. I could not find anything like this in England and I'm sure all my friends will be wanting one now.

                Thanks again, Rachel Bailey - ENGLAND


I have bought a number of Baboz for friends with young babies. It is always well received. A truly original and practical gift, as well as compact enough to send to anyone.

                Dr. F Walters - Corbridge, ENGLAND


I can't believe I ever survived with my first child without one of these wonderful seats. My second son Brad (now 13 months), absolutely loves his Baboz. He even falls asleep in it... A fabulous idea - all my young mother friends are getting one this Christmas!

                Mrs W Lalor - Michigan, USA


We bought a couple of Baboz for our restaurant earlier in the year. They have proved tremendously popular with guests. The harness is quick and easy to assemble as well as clean and efficient - a must for all busy parents/guardians. We now have three more in the restaurant as well as passed details of this website onto many satisfied customers wishing one for themselves.

                Michelle, Brewbakers Restaurant - Turramurra, NSW


   Colors available:  Deluxe Denim, Hot Pink, Blue, Red



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